Wooden Easel (2 Feet) + 40 A3 Watercolor Papers (300 GSM) Value Combo

Rs. 1,299

Product : ArtRight 2 Feet Wooden Easel & 40 A3 Sheets of 300 GSM Combo

Contents :
1) 2 Feet Wooden Easel (Assembled) for Painting & Display
2) 40 Watercolor Sheets for Painting (Size A3, Thickness : 300 GSM)

Can be used on : Paper, Canvas, Porcelain, Glass, Crafts.

Used for : Watercolor Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Oil Paintings, Mixed Media Paintings, Displays.

Features :
1) Sturdy Easel :  A high quality assembled wooden folding A-frame studio artist canvas easel and display stand made with natural solid pine wood.
2) Handmade Acid-Free Art Sheets : The watercolor papers in this combo are acid-free, 75% cotton and ideal for wet on wet media.
3) Perfect mini painting combo : This combo consists of 2 feet wooden easel and 40 A3 sheets. This high value product is ideal for all artists.
4) Art Tips : Place the Easel on a spot where you are comfortable painting, keep the sheet on the easel and tie it with a clip so that it stays intact. The easel has a strong support which makes it easy for the whole sheet to stand. 

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