Songs of Creation

Rs. 34,999

Songs of Creation by Smile Hyatt
Theme : Modern Art / Abstract
16" * 20"
Acrylic on Canvas

Creating this artwork was an absolutely joyful experience because it allowed me to dive deep into the ever mysterious subconscious and on the other hand since it's an abstract portrayal of symbolism in Indian mythology, it took me back to when I first heard all those stories about how Shiva danced with the five elements, about how nature is personified in our culture and so on .... I wanted to create an artwork that rests between abstraction and reality, because I often find such beauty in the transitory periods like when the day meets night, when your consciousness meet your dream world right when you're about to fall asleep, etc etc. The choice of colours here was simple from the very beginning - inspired from nature, that would ignite your creativity, and bring out the feelings of blissfulness!
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