Elemental Passion

Rs. 34,999

Elemental Passion by Smile Hyatt
Theme : Abstract / Contemporary 
16" * 20"
Acrylic on Canvas

Have you ever felt a passion for something/someone so much so that others around you said it will "consume" you.... But you felt the most alive, a burst of energy that you could never put into words? Yeah... That particular and peculiar emotion is what inspired this artwork. Passion is so misunderstood these days, it is not about you liking something or someone, it's not about devotion either.... It is that elementary life energy which can move mountains and start revolutions. Each and everyone one of us have felt it, especially when we were younger... But then eventually we get so good at covering emotions and putting on a face, that passion then subsides. When you meet a person ( and such people are very rare) and you think " oh he / she is so passionate" ... I can guarantee you their energy is so infectious that it almost feels other worldly. This artwork is made to stir up that passion within you, and to remind you that passion is not obsession but actually a blissful way to exist.
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