Artists Sketching Paper (A2 Pack of 10 Sheets, 300 GSM); Handmade Cartridge Paper for Pencil, Charcoal and Ink Media

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Brand : ArtRight.

Product : A2 Drawing Paper for artists (Loose Sketching Book).

No. of Drawing Sheets : 10

Thickness of sheets : 300 GSM.

Color : Buff / Off White.

Size : 42 cm * 60 cm.

Mediums : Sketching, Doodling, Drawing, Ink & Pen Media.

Specifications : A2 Painting Paper for Charcoal, Pencil, Ink and Pen Media. The texture of the sheets is shiny and the lead / ink does not smudge.
These sketching sheets are easy to carry and is ideal for artists of all skill levels who are interested in papers for pencil and charcoal media.

About this item : 

  • Multi-Purpose : From Doodling, to Sketching to Calligraphy, these artist sketching papers make everything possible.
  • Quality of Sheets : Our art paper for craft are smudge resistant and are designed to endure frequent erasing. The thick and smooth surface is ideal for pens, charcoal, graphite and lead.
  • Acid-Free art papers for craft : Artworks on our sketching paper are able to maintain the quality for a really long time as these papers are completely acid - free.
  • Double-sided : These craft paper for art and craft usage are double sided. Use both the sides of the art paper for painting and drawing.
  • Multi-Medium : Be it mixed media artworks, ink or charcoal and pencil mediums, these design paper for art and craft go well with almost every style.

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