Clay Modelling Tools Set of 10 for Craft Purposes

Rs. 329

Product : Clay Modelling Tools (Set of 10) for Crafting, Sculpting & Modelling.

Items Included :
a) Wire tipped tool - homemade tool with stiff wire coming out the top - this is good for dragging across the surface of your sculpt to give random wrinkles, that then can be smoothed out with brushes.
b) Twisted wire rake - twist 2 or more wires together and then bent into a loop, this tool is great for raking across a surface to blend lumps and bumps together.
c) Guitar loop - using an old guitar string gives a finer version of the twisted wire rake and works the same way only on a finer scale.
d) Fine loop - solid wire loop bent into a point, can be used to gouge out lines and wrinkle detail.
e) Mini wire brush - made using a clump of wires from a wire brush embedded in a chopstick, can be used to smooth out hard to reach areas.
f) Loop cutters - more standard tools that are great for carving into your sculptors.

Features :
a) They feature a durable boxwood construction and ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled usage.
b) These tools are ideally suited to working with polymer clay such as make and brake.
c) Ideal for sculpture work, cake decorating, molding with clay or ceramics, wax, etc. Now Buy these wooden tools for craft with the most premium wood from ArtRight at the most affordable prices.

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