Wooden Easel (2 Feet) + A3 Watercolor Papers (20 sheets)

Rs. 1,099 Rs. 1,249

ArtRight Professional Artist Painting Kit - Painting Combo Set with, 2ft Easel, Handmade Watercolor Papers - A3(Pack of 20,300GSM).

  • PERFECT PACKAGE FOR PAINTING ENTHUSIASTS: This mixed painting combo includes the 2 most required elements to satisfy your art requirements.
    Set includes : 
    1) 2 Feet Easel
    2) A3 Handmade Watercolour Papers (20 sheets) 
  • FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS : Unleash the artist within you. This art set can be used by people of all skill levels, from beginner students to professional artists. Suitable for all types of paintings.
  • VERSATILE USE WITH ALMOST ANY KIND OF PAINT: Ideal for watercolor, gouache, ink, oil, tempera or acrylic painting. Great Gift for your kids, friends, novices, beginners, artists or anyone who enjoys painting. Unleash their creativity with our high-quality painting set!

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