Acrylic Paper (A2 Pack of 10 Sheets, 300 GSM); Handmade Acrylic Sheets for Artists (Papers for Acrylic & Mixed Media)

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Product : A2 Acrylic Papers for artists (Loose Painting Book).

No. of Acrylic Sheets : 10.

Thickness of sheets : 300 GSM.

Color : White.

Size : 42 cm * 60 cm.

Mediums : Acrylic Painting, Dry on Wet Media, Wet on Wet Media, Oil Media, Mixed Media.

Specifications : A2 Acrylic Paper for Wet Media.

Key Features : 

  • Quality of Sheets : Our acrylic sheets for artists are cold pressed and are able to withstand multiple washes. The water retention capacity of the papers is high.
  • Multi-Purpose : Optimized for both wet and dry media, you can create with any medium of your choice. These paper for acrylic painting can be used for other mediums like watercolor and mixed media as well.
  • Acid-Free Art paper for craft purposes: Your ArtRight handmade acrylic papers are of high quality with natural cotton, so they can stand warping or bleeding through. This painting paper is cold pressed, 100 % cotton and Acid free.
  • Grain / Texture : Not too rough. Not too smooth. Your ArtRight acrylic painting paper pad has a slightly textured or "toothy" surface – so it's ideal for large, even washes & for finer detail, too.
  • Made for : Unleash the artist within you. These papers for acrylic painting are ideal for art lover ranging from beginners, students, artists and professionals

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