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Artright is accredited as the best paint palettes online store . Paint palettes are one of the most important art supplies that every artist needs. With Artright’s paint palettes are designed for convenient usage and you can mix and tweak beautiful color combinations for your artwork on these palettes.

What are the different sizes of the paint palettes?

Artright’s paint palettes come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. You can use different paint palettes according to your will.

What are the paint palettes by artright made up of?

The art palettes by Artright are made up of pine wood. These wooden palettes come in three varieties, namely large palette, medium palette, and mini palette.

How many pits does a paint palette have?

Artright sells paint palettes online with different pits in different paint palettes. Some painting palettes have 5 pits and some have 8.

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