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Artright paintbrushes are the one-stop solution for your art mood. Every artist looks for tools that are convenient and easy to use. Adding to it, artists are quite specific about the paintbrush they use for different artwork. Artright provides you with a wide range of the best paintbrushes online, and you can be assured about the quality of the product.

What is the size of the paintbrush that Artright offers?

The size of the paintbrushes available at Artright is mentioned on the handle. It ranges from 000-2 and over. You can buy paintbrushes online from our store by conveniently selecting the size you require.

What is the quality of the hair of the paintbrush?

The type and quality of hair of the art paintbrush is the most significant factor that every artist looks for. There are different types of paint brushes available, namely, overeater bristles, sable, minks, snooper, mongoose, badger, steed, pony, squirrel, wolf, lamb, or scapegoat, ox, camel, raccoon or rabbit, etc.

What are the types of paintbrush available at our online art store?

At Artright’s online art store, you can get wide variety of paintbrushes online, such as wide paintbrushes, flat paintbrushes, round paintbrushes, and classic paintbrushes.

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