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Artright is one of the best art supply online store, that provides you with quality easels online. Artright easels are made up of pinewood and are extremely lightweight. If you're looking to buy an artist easel but aren't sure which one to get, We will help you figure it out. Artright provides you with a wide range of easels.

What are the sizes of the painting easels available at artright’s online art store?

On the basis of size, we have four types of easels. 1 Feet Wooden Easel 2 Feet Wooden Easel Mini Wooden Easel- This comes in a set of 2 and set of 4 whose size is 8*6 inches each

What is the variety of easels available at artright’s online art store?

We bring to you from our Easel Collection, the ultra-convenient, pinewood finished handcrafted Wooden Tabletop H Framed Easel . It can be easily carried and is super sturdy for both painting and display purposes.

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