Digital Art Gallery in India :

Selling art online has never been easier. People are moving on from the traditional art gallery to a digital portal where art connoisseurs can purchase art for sale online . However, a major constraint that lies in an online painting shop is the 'Touch and Feel' Effect. At ArtRight we have solved this issue for all those who are into fine art. All our images of the paintings are taken professionally and are uploaded in a way where the buyer is able to understand how the artwork would look whilst being displayed.

What are the different artworks we deal in?

By creating an online art store , we aim on connecting art lovers interested in displaying and collecting wall art online to the artists interested in selling paintings online . The Artworks available at our Art Gallery (ArtRight Galeria') are premium, exquisite, and perfectly finished. We deal in different forms of wall paintings online, like, oil paintings, sketches, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, etc.

How Do I Sell Artwork Online?

If you are looking to sell paintings online and if you think your Artworks are good, participate in our online painting sale by writing to us at: Selected Paintings will be listed on our Online Art Store . The artist should mention the dimensions and specifications of the artworks as well in the mail.

Who do we target through our online art gallery?

At ArtRight, customer-centricity lies at the core of our business. The audience we cater to is modern, appreciative of beauty, and fond of exploring various forms of wall paintings online . The artists who have listed their paintings online on Artright's online art gallery are either professional artists, or students pursuing a career in fine arts . Each artwork is objective and not subjective. We at ArtRight emphasize quality and the intrinsicality of the artwork before anything else. We believe that the kind of artwork we are dealing with online should have a connection, a resonation with the buyer in a certain way.

What is our aim for creating an online art gallery?

We aim to empower talented artists all across the country specializing in all forms and mediums of artwork. We plan on doing it by putting their handmade paintings for purchase online . The charm of a living room is highlighted by beautiful and insightful oil and acrylic paintings. If you wish to buy any kind of artwork online , look no further. Our mission is simple: We want to give talented Indian artists a platform to promote their artworks on a global stage so that people in the country look at art as something more than a hobby.