from The founder:

Born in Calcutta on the 4th of February, 1997 to a Business Family, the Hunger of Entrepreneurship and Appetite for Risk came naturally to me but it was because of Michelangelo's David which truly got me moved by the beauty of Art.

Having completed my Masters in Marketing from the prestigious IE Business School, I was faced with a sudden conundrum when the COVID outburst began ; whether to join Nike's Marketing team in Europe or to come back to Calcutta and take time to figure things out.
I chose the latter and alongside the final term of my master, I started researching deeply into this sector and saw the potential of the artists we had across this country. However I was surprised when I saw the lack of acknowledgement faced by the artists here and it stimulated me to start this venture.

The first thing that caught my eye was the scope for improvement in the quality of Art Supplies which people possessed.
"Everyone is the Picasso of their own story and everyone deserves the best."
This thought led to the creation of ArtRight, which started off as a Premium Art Supply Store but with the love and affection of the people, became a Community for all kinds of Artists. With your support, our ArtRight community will grow even bigger. Every artist has a platform to make their voices and feelings heard.

If I had to sum it up,

'Entrepreneur's Mind,
Athlete's Body
Artist's Soul'

- Yogvedant.

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