Watercolour supplies to start with!

We all have some creative bug within us. Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration and the right supplies to pursue an artist soiree. If you want to start with water colour painting, this blog will provide you with the information of exactly what you need. We can tell you that you don’t really need many supplies to get started with watercolours. Therefore, water colouring is an extremely affordable hobby. Even though you have a beginner’s set, we can make some beautiful art.  

Paints and Colours

Watercolours generally come in 2 forms – tubes and pans. The tubes are moist with a pasty consistency. The pan format is like solid cakes of paint that need to be moistened with water to be used. As a beginner, you can consider pans or tubes that suit your preference. Every artist has their own taste, so it depends on your experience with the colours that will enable you to decide which one really works for you. ArtRight.in has some really cool watercolours that you can pick from. 


Natural hair paintbrushes are an appropriate choice for painting with watercolour. In case you find them expensive, sable hair is a sought-after choice. Water colour brushes range from tiny to large, you could choose the ones you like depending on what you want to do. A medium or large round brush, for example, is sufficient for creating both large washes of colour and for creating fine details, so you can use the same brush for both functions. Water colour brushes are available in different shapes. Each shape serves a different function. 

Angular - The hairs are cut at an angle (hence the name). Can be used for precise strokes but also can be used to fill medium-large blocks of colour.

Flat - Can hold lots of colour. The edge can be used for sharp lines, but the brush can also be used to fill in broad areas with colour.

Square Wash - Looks like a short, stumpy version of the flat brush. Ideal for wetting the paper or laying in washes.

Mop - Great for wetting your paper and laying in large areas of colour quickly.

Oval Wash - These brushes look kind of puffy, like a make-up brush. Used for wetting paper and laying large washes of colour quickly. These brushes never form a point or an edge.

Round - The best "all-around" brush – you must have a round brush in your box of watercolour painting supplies! The round brush can be used for both details and washes. You can change the width of your lines by varying your angle and pressure.

Each of these types are available on the Artright

Art Papers

A variety of art papers are available for water colour. Watercolour papers are available as sheets, pads, or blocks. You can purchase individual sheets that can be cut according to the size you want. Water colour pads contain 10 – 20 sheets that are much smaller than what we purchase generally. Pads are great for travel and also handy for practice! Watercolour blocks are basically a pile of watercolour papers that are glued together on one edge. You paint on the top sheet and then after the painting has dried, you insert a knife into the glued binding and gently remove your page. 


Watercolour palettes are either plastic or ceramic. Ceramic palettes are of better quality, in contrast, the plastic palettes eventually become stained with the paint. The advantage of using plastic palettes is that they are lighter and easier to hold. If you use pan watercolours, you can also use the plastic lid of the watercolour set as a palette. Just be sure that the lid is dry when you close it.
ArtRight has a good collection of wooden watercolor palettes.


Choosing the right easel can both improve the quality of your art, and be kinder to your shoulders, neck and back. You should buy your easels online after consider a variety of factors including where you will paint, if you will be travelling with the easel or will you be situated in an open space to create your art. 

Now that you’ve read all supplies you need for watercolours, make your purchase from Artright.in that offers the finest quality of art supplies you need. Happy painting!