Importance of art in your day-to-day life.

“A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not”, said Leonardo Da Vinci.

Indeed, this is true, while humans are mortal, what one creates through art lives forever. Poetry, music, art are blessings to the world. It defines the human experiences. Art adds meaning to our lives and allows us to perceive the world differently. Creating art work allows one to express themselves freely without having the need for correct words and is also leads to more awareness about oneself. Art has the power to open minds and hearts and lead us to an infinite number of possibilities!

Ask any artist and he will tell you that with art he is connecting with his inner self. While we may perceive ourselves a certain way, art allows us to look within and realise who we are and what are the things that matter to us. Art builds that bridge which allows us to connect with our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and our outer realities and experiences. When an artist is creating a handmade painting, there may be a series of emotions he goes through and embark on experiences like never before. However, as humans it is also essential to
surround ourselves with art work of others. This helps us make connections with them too.

As humans, we experience so many things, however, we miss being grateful towards the simplest things in life. Art allows you to be happy since you look at life through a different lens which allows you to appreciate and gratify of all the wonderful details instead of focusing on the rest. Self-reflection is an important step in the journey of creating art. Therefore, it is important to integrate art into the daily form of life. This could be through visiting an art gallery, museum or even visiting an artist’s studio.

You may be thinking of why these things are important in daily lives when we are surviving just fine with the essential items that are non-artistic. This is exactly the reason why art is valuable. While art doesn’t fulfill your basic needs, it does make life worth living. When you look at a painting or poster you’ve chosen to hang on your living room wall, you feel happy. The sculpture or figurines on the kitchen windowsill create a sense of joy.

The best about connecting with art is that it doesn’t need to happen at a certain time or a certain way. You may sit with your canvas and start painting just anytime you like. Research has also suggested that art makes people
feel less lonely. Also, not each of us are good at expressing using words. Some just start using colours and feel easy. While expressing, you may not find the right words, however, as an artist there is no right colour. You can resort to creating just anything you want.

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