Gifting an artist? Here are some ideas for gifts and artists’ favorite tools.

All of us have an artist friend who loves creating something. However, when it comes to gifting them, our minds feel like an empty canvas. Unless you are an artist too, you will find it hard to decide which painting kits, art supplies or paints colours to get. We feel you and therefore, the easiest option for you is to visit the ArtRight store and pick super thoughtful gifts for artists that actually makes you feel like you invested your time and effort in curating something they would like. All you have to do is make your purchase and the title of best gift-giver is
ArtRight has the finest range of art supplies in one place. Ranging from wooden easels, to oval paintbrush set to different art and craft materials, you will find beautiful products that are best gifts for your artist friends here. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the top trending gift items that will brighten someone’s day right away!
This cool set is super versatile and can be used with almost any kind of paint. It is an ideal match for watercolor, gouache, ink, oil or acrylic painting. These brushes are easy and smooth to draw and paint with, and also convenient to clean. Just wash the brushes with water and let it dry. It is convenient for artists,
students, painters and drawing lovers. This set also includes a free spatula and 2 free sponges ideal for washing and curating.
This is a perfect package for your painting enthusiasts’ friends. It includes a 2 feet easel with A3 handmade watercolour papers. This art set can be used by people of all skill levels, from beginner students to professional artists and is suitable for all types of paintings. Your painter friend can unleash their creativity with our high-quality painting set!
Gifting a mixed painting set to your artist friend will definitely make their day. This set includes a professional paintbrush mix set, 1 feet wooden easel, handmade 250GSM water colour Papers A4 pack of 20 sheets and an
artist wooden palette. This art set can be used by people of all skill levels, from beginner students to professional artists. Suitable for all types of paintings.
Products at are proudly made in India by skilled artisans. With every product you purchase, you are contributing towards supporting such small local communities.
Artright is the best art supplies store online, having a wide range of painting supplies that will help every artist or non-artists to pave their way through creativity. There is so much efforts and hard work that one puts into an
artwork, because of which it is essential for every artist to use best art supplies from the best are suppliers to enhance their painting and designs.

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