A list of the top 10 art supplies for beginners.

In order to begin as an artist, it is important to have the art supplies that allow you to work freely. ArtRight is the best art supplies store online, having a wide range of painting supplies that will help every artist or non-artists to pave their way through creativity. There is so much efforts and hard work that one puts into an artwork, because of which it is essential for every artist to use best art supplies from the best are suppliers to enhance their painting and designs.
From art papers to paints and colours, you will find everything you need at ArtRight.

In this article, we’ve curated the list of top 10 art supplies for beginners.

1. Sketchbook :
This is one of the basic art items you need in order to begin. You have the flexibility to organize your art perfectly. One can start with basics such as drawing an animal, shading different parts of the body or even a landscape. There are varied sketchbooks available for pencil sketching, watercolours etc. The texture, composition vary depending on the purpose you are buying the sketchbook for.

2. Pencils :
Graphite pencils are one of the basic art supplies you need. Graphite pencils range from light to dark, where B is for darker and H is for lighter. Depending on the type of definition you want, you should decide which pencil to use. If you want to shade and blend, graphite pencils are your top choice. There is an ease when you use graphite pencils.

3. Coloured Pencils : 
For what is art, without the colours. Coloured pencils are your must have art supply material. Whenever you want to make small details on your art papers, coloured pencils will never disappoint you. These can be smoothly applied and they enhance the artwork beautifully.

4. Kneaded Erasers :
While you can make things with coloured and graphite pencils, you need an erase to correct it if the need be. In order to erase the finer details, kneaded erases are an effective option. 

5. Watercolor Brush Pens : 
Watercolor Brush Pens are great for lining, calligraphy and doodling. For a beginner, we will suggest using ArtRight's water color brush pen set. It comes in a set that includes 20 sketch pens. 

6. Wooden Easel :
The wooden easel supports canvases or board ups. They are available in varied sizes and heights depending on your comfort. The easels are portable and are usually mid-sized or small, have telescopic or collapsible legs and are based on the tripod design. ArtRight has all sizes of wooden easel stand available.

7. Paint  :
As a painter, you will need paint to empty your mind onto the canvas. You can pick acrylic paint or oil paint in line with the art work you want to create. For creating a blending effect in the art piece, you should purchase oil paint. However, with oil, you will need to make additional purchases such as oil paint thinner and linseed stand oil. 

8. Watercolour : 
If you need a paint that blends, you should invest in watercolours. This is the easiest paint to control and as beginners you could start with watercolour before any other paint. You can check out some quality art supply brands that deal in affordable student quality watercolors.

8. Paintbrushes :
Coupled with paints are brushes. It is imperative to have brushes set for different paints. These brushes include acrylic paint, oil paint, and watercolour brushes.

10. Painting Palette : 
When you are painting, you may be using multiple colours at the same time. Having a painting palette allows you to blend paints together or hold them individually. 

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