7 Art Supplies Every Artist Needs

In order to be an artist, one definitely needs creativity, however, one also needs good art supplies. While buying painting supplies may not make an artist, it can definitely ensure good artwork. Most of us purchase art material online, however, we do not know if those supplies are of fine quality or whether they will last. For the ones who have just started, the art materials market can be unsettling due to the vast amount of choice.

It is exactly to relief this stress for artists, ArtRight was born. From painting brush, drawing sheet, colour palettes to wooden easel, everything is available at ArtRight.in. Artright is the best art supplies store online, having a wide range of painting supplies that will help every artist or non-artists to pave their way through creativity. There is so much efforts and hard work that one puts into an artwork, because of which it is essential for every artist to use best art supplies from the best are suppliers to enhance their painting and designs.

Read on to figure our curated list of art supplies every artist need:
1. Paintbrushes : 
Paintbrushes with good quality synthetic bristles curated for long term usage make for better artworks than cheap ones. Art is based on minute details and the significance of a good paintbrush is highly evident.
Artright paintbrushes are the one-stop solution for your art mood. Every artist looks for tools that are convenient and easy to use. Adding to it, artists are quite specific about the paintbrush they use for different artwork. Artright provides you with a wide range of the best paintbrushes online that will last for long.
2. Art papers : 
Having an understanding of art papers is tricky but we have simplified it for you here. Handmade cold pressed papers with cotton content can be used for both watercolor and acrylic media depending upon the percentage of cotton content. Water resistance varies from paper to paper as the quality of most papers is not of a defined standard, which doesn't fulfill the real creativity of the artists. 
Artright is the best art papers suppliers online. Your art will flow across the page and, in some situations, stay place if you use good paper. It also has the ability to withstand scoring and folding without ripping. Different styles of painting require different types of art papers. Artright provides you with a wide range of art papers of exceptional quality.
3. Palettes :
A painter’s palette is, ultimately, an expression of how they see the world and the colours that they love. By exploring a variety of limited palettes from earthy to intense, painters can discover the combination of colours that best helps them convey their world view. Artright has few of the finest colour palettes you can pick from.
4. Easels : 
Sturdy easels with good mobility makes life easy for artists. Ask any artist and they will say the convenience a good easel provides. Ranging from smaller pieces for doodling to bigger pieces for realism artworks, an artist wants a support stand which they can carry to places, which is user friendly and which looks classy.
Artright provides you with quality easels online. Artright easels are made up of pinewood and are extremely lightweight. Artright easy to use and affordable pinewood easels must be on your to-buy list!
5. Painting Kits : 
Artists are brand loyal, instead of buying different art items from different places, they like to get their art supplies from truted brands. Nothing better than finding all your art requirements in one place.
Unleash the artist within you using Artright’s affordable painting kits. The art set can be used by people of all skill levels, from beginner students to professional artists, and is suitable for all types of painting. We use high-quality premium materials to create our products and all our products are handmade so that we can help you create your best works of art that last for years.
6. Paints & Colors :
Artright is an online art supplier in India, that provides environment-friendly and non-toxic paints. Artright has colours for everyone and are suitable for artists of all skill levels.
7. Other Art & Craft Supplies
Except for the above listed products, you can also purchase all complementary painting, sketching and craft materials like blending stumps, painting knives/spatulas, watercolour brush pens and much more from the Artright website.

Now that you’ve read all supplies you need, prepare your to-do list and begin creating your

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