6 Famous Artists in India You Must Follow On Instagram

The purpose of Fine Art is objective. At the very core of activities like drawing, painting, sketching, and doodling lies the feeling of expressing oneself. An artist's mind is a factory of creative juices and what lies in the heart of all these artists is a raw passion for fine art. Instagram works on aestheticism and wherever there is art, there is beauty. A lot of famous artists in India use Instagram religiously to promote their artworks. There are artists who sell paintings online on social media, websites, and other E-Commerce sites. In this article, we have selected 6 famous artists and painters you should be following on Instagram, lets's hear what they have to say about their art styles and journeys.

1) Udita Sharma (@artsyudita): Being a self-taught artist is a journey of its own since childhood Udita was always mesmerized by colours and how they can express the world without words. Her journey started with just a rough try to sketch a few lines and form nonsensible shapes. However, she derived joy from adding colours to random shapes. Art became her identity both from a professional and personal angle.

Her art style is all about expression. Whether trying to express herself or the centerpiece of her drawings express themselves. Whatever she draws is based upon her basic childhood reflection of art — her art speaks devoid of words. Her style varies as per the medium. When it’s oil, she leans towards a classical feeling, when it’s gouache it’s more of a modern setting, so it’s impossible to pin a style upon what I do as it is random just like life.

2) Vidisha Agarwal (@artcartbyvidisha): Art reflects one's personality and character, and Vidisha aims to convey the same in her paintings. She believes that beauty lies in the most unusual places and she strives to display it in her art. She is always keen on trying her hands on different art forms and experimenting and learning in the process. "In my view, art is supposed to be boundless, imperfect, and intriguing", she says.  

3) Vidhi Dandekar (@eesome_berry): Art has been a part of Vidhi's life since childhood. Slowly it turned from 'just a hobby' to 'passion'. On this journey, she met a lot of new and famous artists in India, made new friends, and learned new skills and techniques. I love using different mediums like Acrylic, Gouache, and ink. Making landscapes and sunsets truly makes me happy. It's like a form of therapy. "l want people to feel fresh, calm, and warm when they look at my artwork" she says.

4) Praful Jain (@praful_creations): Praful is someone who loves to paint with multiple mediums. He also enjoys presenting my art process in creative forms through Reels. His journey into art started when he was in 5th grade. He used to see children around me making amazing drawings during the art period, and he sat there struggling to make basic shapes. He got into an art class for 4 years and learnt the basics, and then he lost touch with art. He started exploring more into my skills during the lockdown period and that's when his art page actually grew on Instagram.

Apart from using traditional painting mediums, his style also incorporates things of daily use in art. He loves to challenge himself and experiment with art with household items. He has created art using Oreo Biscuits, Banana Peel, Playing Cards, Salt, Bournvita, Bubble Wrap, Maggie Masala, etc to name a few.

He enjoys making both human and animal faces and usually paints them using Gouache and Poster Paints. He is also currently exploring acrylics as a medium.

5) Rhea Singh (@illustrationsandviews): Rhea has been inclined towards painting since her childhood but she started her art journey in 2020 during the lockdown when she started painting almost every day. Her favorite medium to use is acrylics and she likes to paint around themes like spring and sunsets. She tries to make her artworks as sharp and neat as they could be. She also enjoys painting illustrations and capturing light and shadows in her art. Another one of her favorites is floral lineart, she says she loves how just simple lines can depict everything in a painting. Her most recent obsession is painting water and she enjoys the process thoroughly.

6) Anju T R (@my_hearty_paints): According to Anju, a person who can see beauty in everything is an artist. She believes a real artist sees beauty and gets inspiration from the most banal sights. Nature and its various expressions and hues make her happy and excited. She tries to give the aesthetics she sees and wishes to see in her artworks. She sees herself as a creator of pretty things. Every finished art gives her the same happiness when she sees the sun dawning upon the horizons. She says her paintings are the poems she writes on a canvas using colors that helps her escape from the stresses of realities.

Artists are people who see the world with a different vision. This is a list of just a few of the famous artists in India. We at Artright give a platform to these budding artists by selling their paintings online in our art gallery. We try and reach out to these artists and help them promote their paintings online by giving them a digital platform! If you are an artist looking for an online art gallery, feel free to connect with us!

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