5 Tips on Staying Organised with Your Art Supplies

Artists are notably unorganized. While many are of the view that it just happens to owe to the spirit of creativity and that artists receive their inspiration from being spontaneous, however, does being unorganized really help your artistic ability thrive?

One can have all the creativity they want, however, at the time of creating if you can not find your art supplies, you won’t be able to create effectively. As artists, our spaces can get really cluttered with art items when we’re in our zone. As a professional, it is imperative to stay organized. Remaining decluttered allows you to create effectively. To set you up for success, we’ve listed five easy tips to stay on type of your organization game, read on:

1. Keeping things at eye-level

As artists, you will have an indefinite collection of tubes, samples, cans, and varied containers for your paints. With unlimited choices, some of your beautiful art supplies can end up landing in corners and eventually out of your memory. You can consider mounting a shelf on the wall and stacking it with your art supplies. Try and keep the most used items in the front and at eye level. You can label the less commonly used supplies to make it easy to find everything. The ultimate goal is to be able to see everything. 

2. Create storage containers with a twist 

You can consider making quirky storage containers to help yourself be organized. Using fun mugs or vases on your desk can allow you to be more organized. You can use a different container for each type of tool. You can stack the sketching pencils in one, colored ones in another, brushes can have their own place. Keeping them sorted helps you find them easily without any hassle.

3. Get rid of what you can 

We all know how artists keep adding supplies to their pandora boxes. However, creating stacks of unused items clutters the place more than sorting them. Sometimes, you need to clear things off your table. A charcoal pencil on its leg or a tube that is over needs to be trashed in the recycle bin. The less cluttered your art place is, the more freedom and flexibility you’ll have to create hassle-free. 

4. Stick to a decluttering routine 

This has to be an inherent part of your routine. Getting and staying organized needs to be imbibed into your routine time at the studio. After you have allotted your time to bigger tasks, you need to devote a part of your time in the schedule to basic organizing. Whether it’s sorting through emails after lunch or taking ten minutes at the end of the day to clean up your workspace, this extra effort will go a long way.

5. Put things where they belong after you have used them 

Between creating your artwork and allowing them to dry, there can be a tendency to keep items unattended. Since you may take breaks between creating your artwork, the supplies might take over your artistic space leaving no room to do anything else. However, putting things where they belong can help you access things easily if you have left them in their original space. You can buy your art supplies online from Artright. 

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