4 Ways to Create an Artistic Mindset

In order to understand art, let’s take inspiration from children. If you have observed children, you will realize they seek meaning from things around them and try to make sense of the world they live in. However, we do things the other way round. We must think of acquiring a skill and then figure out something useful that we can do with it. The plausible way to do this is to start with something that is worth doing and then get the skills that are needed. 

Therefore, children make better learners than adults in many ways. We can tap into the childlike way of thinking when we’re creating art. In this blog, we outline four ways that can help you cultivate an artistic mindset. 

Leave behind your assumptions

As adults, we are conditioned to assume. We develop the ability to assume things due to the unquantifiable data that we can’t process. Our minds get overworked and switch off. Owing to this habit, we sometimes end up making assumptions that are not good in the long run. Sometimes, we are convinced of things that aren’t true and stop us from pursuing things we want to do. This happens all the time in the art world and creativity. 

Artists end up making assumptions such as “I am not good enough” or “No one will like what I have created.” These assumptions hinder the artistic mindset. However, if you look at children, they are curious and keep learning without making assumptions. They have also not learned to add labels such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to things. Therefore, the key is not to assume and allow your art to thrive at its own pace. If you have ever visited an art gallery and met artists, we are sure every artist will tell you that they never made assumptions about their art or someone else’s art.  

Love; Don’t Judge 

This is the second thing adults are good at. We keep judging things and people. Since we’re judging all the time, we also become overly critical of ourselves. While getting regressive thoughts to make you doubt yourself, they also affect your confidence and are detrimental. Instead, if you can look at your work as a process of evolving as an artist, it is much easier. After all, none of us are perfect. Like children, we can draw simple for the joy of it without deliberating too much about the outcome. When you have time, browse through the digital art gallery and appreciate what you like from there. Cultivating a mindset of appreciation and positivity will help you create fulfillment. 

Cultivate an Open Mind

Since children don’t know how to assume and pass judgments, they’re less opinionated and have an open mind. They approach things with curiosity rather than weighing them against benchmarks. In terms of art, we all know there is no formula. Art is the process of making mistakes, recovering from them, and discovering new paths. The only way to be able to create something is possible when you have an open mind and do not put yourself boxes. 

Practice Patience

When adults approach learning something, they immediately want to be great at it and it frustrates them when they aren’t. Adults can pick up a pencil after decades of not drawing and get upset if they can’t draw well. Though this doesn’t make sense, we feel this anyways. We do not want to take the time and effort to practice but be good at it right away. 

Alternatively, if you look at children, they don’t draw to be good at it but simply because they enjoy it. And due to this, they end up drawing more and keep getting better. As adults, the easiest thing we can do is quit. However, if nothing at all, art requires you to be patient. 

To sum it up for you, the idea about art is to enjoy it. When you enjoy something, you aren’t bothered by judgments and labels. Instead, the curiosity bug bites you. It keeps pushing you to get better which leads you to develop a creative mindset. 

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