4 Selfcare Rituals That Will Help Artists to Become More Creative

Life these days has become overwhelming at times. Irrespective of industry, career, or profession, each one of us may have been in a position where we haven’t been able to take care of ourselves. However, in a volatile world, physical and mental health are of undeniable importance. As an artist, you may feel creatively burnt out if you do not indulge in self-care. Hence, it is important for our artist's friends to understand how self-care can improve the quality of their life and support their mental and physical health. Take care of yourself the way you take care of your creative art supplies and painting kits. Through this blog, we are listing out four self-care rituals to pamper yourself and keep up your creative pursuits. 

  1. Accommodating regular breaks in your schedule

As humans, we forget the line between meeting deadlines and overworking ourselves. Hence, scheduling regular breaks into your routine allows your mind and body to get some rest. Prioritization is the key here. Prioritize tasks that are necessary and say guilt-free nowhere is required. Ensure you are making time for art regularly so that you can use your creative time to relax and unwind. Self-care and art are definitely soul sisters because creating art has proven to be therapeutic for many. You can also pursue other leisure activities in your break time such as listening to music, stretching for a while, or laying down doing nothing. 

  1. Get rid of the clutter and organize your workspace 

If you thought only people can give you anxiety, you are wrong. Messiness and clutter also make people stressed because visual clutter is known to cause anxiety in people. Therefore, decluttering and organizing your workplace is a very productive form of self-care. 

Refer to the following tips to improve the organization of your workspace:

  • Sort your art supplies and related materials in proper containers and drawers 
  • Clean and wipe dusty surfaces 
  • Keep your painting kits spick and span 
  • Get rid of items that are exhausted or no longer serving a purpose 
  • Don’t allow dirt to accumulate over a long time as cleaning it becomes tedious 

We can bet that organizing your workspace allows you to be more productive without the temptation of procrastinating.  

  1. Stay connected to friends, family, and different communities 

Machines also need breaks. Allow yourself some self-care where you don’t focus on any work- or work-related activities at all. Spend time with family and friends and indulge in activities that you love doing such as playing Jenga or watching a movie. If you like spending time at home, you can engage with online art communities by screening through other artists’ work, leaving comments, watching your favorite YouTube creator’s videos, etc. Getting in touch with like-minded people can also inspire you and allow you to share your passion for art with them.  Make the best out of your self-care day. 

  1. Digital Detox

We’re in a time where even if we take time off, we are stuck browsing through applications. However, in order to relax, disconnecting from digital mediums is important. The constant need to check the feed, and keep updated with web series may lead to feeling stressed. For these reasons, it is highly advisable for us to disconnect from the online world once in a while. 

There are many ways you can disconnect, such as:

  • Leave your smartphone or laptop behind 
  • Turn on the Do not disturb mode once a while 
  • Deciding on a certain time period during the day when you’re not allowed to check any of your digital devices

Utilize this time to engage in something fun like playing board games or taking your pet for a walk. To be creative, taking care of yourself is mandatory. We hope you incorporate these rituals you’re your routine. 

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