3 Reasons why artists should practice working on easels.

Easels aren’t something of the present, in fact, they have been used by artists for over centuries now. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians resorted to using frequently. Although easels come in various types, what is common between all of them is that they are primarily a structure onto which you can place the canvas or paper.

We can tell you that it might be a strange feeling when you first begin working on an easel. Since a young age, we are conditioned to drawing or painting with our paper flat on a table, therefore, it may take time and practice to get used to working with your paper upright. However, we can tell you it is worth the effort. Wooden easel is a good option to begin with.

Three reasons why you need to start working with easels right away are listed below:

1. Allows you to observe your work at the right viewing angle :

Artworks, in general, are meant to be viewed in an upright position against the wall. Therefore, it is important to create our art with paper or canvas in the same position so that the viewing angle stays intact.
The viewing angle changes with paper flat on the table which also leads to a change in perspective. We all know that things which are further away, look smaller than things that are close by. This principle also applies to our paper when it’s lying flat on a table. The objects that we draw at the top part of the
paper – which is further away from us – will look just slightly smaller than the objects that we draw at the bottom part of the paper.
By buying easels online and using them, one can ensure that their viewing angle is less distorted and keep the measurements right. This matters when we want to work on portraits where we want to draw and paint faces correctly.

2. Allows you flexibility in movements :
If you want freedom of movement, buy easels online and resort to using them. When you are drawing with your paper flat, you are resting your hand or wrist onto the table, this restricts your movement. When using an easel, you can move your whole hand to make marks or strokes.
It’s also easier to move around and take steps back and forth every now and then to look at your work from a distance to get a holistic view. In case you think, standing for too long is tiresome, you can sit before your easel by adjusting it. You can also consider using a table easel. Table easels are also usually not very expensive, so if a big easel is too much for your budget, then you can also choose to work with a table easel. 

3. Helps you maintain the right posture : 
To end with, it is also good to work on an easel because it gives you the correct posture. If you are working with your paper flat on the table, it is likely that you are leaning over your drawing. After a while, that posture can stress your neck and shoulder muscles or pain in the back. It’s much better to stand upright at an easel, so you can keep your head and neck straight up while you’re working.

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