2 Perspective Technique Skills You Need If You Aspire To Become An Artist

We’ve often heard the famous saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” What this literally means is that things can be viewed differently depending on the perspective one holds. In terms of art also perspective technique skills play a major role. It allows you to gauge the bigger picture of your work. In the world of art, perspective technique skills refer to your point of view, however, relating to space. 

Art relatively is about illusion; creating depth and space in a flat medium. Owing to perspective skill techniques, your art will have dimension, form, and space making it look realistic. 

Before we understand types of perspectives, let’s discuss some important words below: 

Horizontal line: This line differentiates the sky from land or the sky from the water. It is also referred to as the “eye-level” of the viewer. This line can be anywhere below or above the halfway point of your artwork. 

Vanishing point: The vanishing point is the farthest point in your drawing which is on the horizon line. There can be multiple vanishing points in your picture. 

Orthogonal lines: Orthogonal lines are diagonal lines that move back into the vanishing points present in the picture. Orthogonal points depend on the complexity of your drawing. The greater the number of elements, the lines of the grid have to be increased. 

Objects on a plain 2-D surface get a 3-D look when we use the perspective skills techniques. We have two types of perspectives, namely, linear and atmospheric. 

Linear perspective:

This is a method in which space is made represented and the scale of the object diminishes when the distance from the viewer increases. As you must have observed, far away objects appear smaller than the near ones. A vanishing point refers to that point where the ground meets the sky, which is the horizon line. 

Atmospheric perspective:

While linear perspective is based on mathematics and straight lines, atmospheric perspective is also referred to as aerial perspective. The depth in this case appears through value changes, color, and even visual clarity. Using the atmospheric perspective, things like water, vapor, and even smog affect what we see in the atmosphere. There will be resulting in less visual contrast if there is a distance between you and the form owing to the increased particles. This perspective technique skill is concerned with the wavelength of color. The things which are closer appear brighter than the farther ones. Additionally, things with high contrast are visually more attractive than the ones with low contrast. 

Finally, how can we put the perspective skill techniques into practice?

Every object around us in the world is bound to follow perspective technique skills. Perspective is of great importance in art. In order to be able to create an illusion where you want your artwork and paintings to look more realistic, using these skills can come handy. 

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